Workshop Program: Atmospheric Plasmas - Surface Technology of Choice

26th Workshop of the User Group Atmospheric Pressure Plasma on 08. and 09. June 2016

The 26th workshop shows in 12 lectures possibilities of surface functionalization by the use of atmospheric pressure plasmas. Advantages of atmospheric pressure plasmas are the versatile possibilities of surface treatment with good environmental compatibility and inline integrability.

The focus of the presentations will be on the broad use of plasmas at normal pressure. The following applications will be presented and put up for discussion:

- Use of atmospheric plasmas in combination with other technologies such as lasers, electron beams and galvanic processes
- Plasma applications in the food and packaging industries
- Exhaust air purification and treatment of water-dissolved pollutants
- Internal coating of hoses
- Presentation of plasma sources and their concrete technological applications
- anti-adhesive coatings
- plasma spraying

Detailed information on the workshop and online registration will soon be available at