User group atmospheric pressure plasma - ak-adp

The user group regularly organizes workshops on specific topics requested by interested parties, provides up-to-date information and helps initiate project plans and disseminate information on innovation projects.

ak-adp stands for the user group atmospheric pressure plasma. The ak-adp is a practical user forum for all ideas concerning the innovative technology of surface processing with atmospheric pressure plasma. Every year we organize 2-3 workshops, where developers, equipment manufacturers and users can enter into a lively professional exchange. The industrial research institution INNOVENT from Jena initiated the user group in 2009 and has since reached more than 1400 interested parties.

Our next event

44th ak-adp workshop: 8th Plasma Medicine Workshop "From Research to Application-Ready Therapy".

Physical plasmas are energetically excited gases. On contact with surfaces, they are characterized by special effects such as ultra-fine cleaning and activation. This effect, as well as the possibility of depositing thin functionalizing coatings, has been used technologically in industry for several decades.

Physical plasmas can also achieve effects on biological surfaces and especially in human medicine by killing microorganisms and stimulating signaling and metabolic processes in cells that can be used therapeutically.

For more than 10 years, intensive work has been carried out on the development and characterization of cold atmospheric pressure plasma sources in order to be able to guarantee safe use in everyday medical practice. In various specialties, plasma treatments can accelerate treatment success, improve treatment results, reduce treatment costs and make treatments more comfortable for the patient. This has been demonstrated and proven in a large number of experimental and clinical studies.

Today, plasma medicine has taken its first step into everyday medical practice. Now, one focus of the work is on the final formal acceptance and creation of billing modalities of sufficiently studied applications, information and training of practicing physicians and an establishment of routine plasma treatments. This is especially true in specialties such as dermatology and dentistry. Plasmas also have great potential in oncology. Here, however, fundamental research work is still pending.

The thematic focus of the 8th Plasma Medicine Workshop is on the

  • Characterization of plasmas
  • Use of plasma activated media
  • Presentation of study results
  • Dermatology, oncology, microbiological applications
  • Applications in medical technology
  • Presentation of new plasma sources
  • Current trends in plasma medicine.

A guided tour of the Göttingen Health Campus (GCG) will round off the workshop. The GCG is an academic training institution founded jointly by the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hildesheim, Holzminden, Göttingen (HAWK) in 2016. It offers the opportunity to work in an interprofessional team and space for joint academic socialization across professions. Graduates in 7 study programs are taught valuable interprofessional competencies for an optimal start in professional life.

An important pillar of plasma medicine in Germany is the National Center for Plasma Medicine e.V. (NZPM). As a non-profit association, the NZPM has the purpose of promoting research and development in the field of plasma medicine throughout Germany. As a partner in the organization and implementation of the Plasma Medicine Workshop, it offers the best conditions for further intensive promotion of plasma medicine.

Other events:

45th ak-adp workshop: "Liability problems?! - Not with us!"

Working together for more sustainability, quality and efficiency

15 - 16 November 2023 in Bamberg

in cooperation with the Cluster Nanotechnology of Nanoinitiative Bayern GmbH

Adhesion optimization is a constantly recurring topic and quality criterion in many branches of industry. Plasmas - energetically excited gases - can help here quickly, cost-effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner. Surface functionalization with atmospheric-pressure plasma by means of ultra-fine cleaning, activation or even nanocoating can replace chemical and vacuum processes or even enable completely new functionalities and material combinations. Atmospheric plasmas are thus an innovative way to achieve greater ecological sustainability, quality assurance and an increase in the economic efficiency of production processes.

At the workshop, current work from research and industry will be presented and put up for discussion. The thematic focus will be on

  • Basics of the plasma process such as flow analysis
  • Comparison of ADP technology with other possibilities of OF functionalization.
  • environmentally relevant process optimizations
  • Plasma as an add-on for optimizing typical industrial processes
  • Implementation of DIN standards using ADP technology
  • new application examples of different plasma systems
  • Adhesion determination

The concluding ak-adp-talk offers further opportunities for information and discussion.

  • What is the best way to characterize the adhesion between a surface and the composite partner?
  • What role do the right analytics and process data play in effective process automation?

Under the focus "Measurement + AI for Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Technologies = Innovative and Sustainable Production Processes for a Safe Future", speakers and other experts and specialists from industry and research will be taking part in the discussion.

We look forward to an interactive and informative classroom workshop!