User group atmospheric pressure plasma - ak-adp

The user group regularly organizes workshops on specific topics requested by interested parties, provides up-to-date information and helps initiate project plans and disseminate information on innovation projects.

ak-adp stands for the user group atmospheric pressure plasma. The ak-adp is a practical user forum for all ideas concerning the innovative technology of surface processing with atmospheric pressure plasma. Every year we organize 2-3 workshops, where developers, equipment manufacturers and users can enter into a lively professional exchange. The industrial research institution INNOVENT from Jena initiated the user group in 2009 and has since reached more than 1400 interested parties.

Our next events:


47th ak-adp workshop:

"Sustainable bonding technology using atmospheric pressure plasma
Potentials - Practical tips - Experiences"

November 13 and 14, 2024 in Jena / Thuringia

Adhesion optimization is a constantly recurring topic and quality criterion in many branches of industry. Plasmas - energetically excited gases - can help here quickly, cost-effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner. Surface functionalization with atmospheric-pressure plasma by means of ultra-fine cleaning, activation or even nanocoating can replace chemical and vacuum processes or even enable completely new functionalities and material combinations. Atmospheric plasmas are thus an innovative way to achieve greater ecological sustainability, quality assurance and an increase in the economic efficiency of production processes.

The presentations will focus on topics such as efficient component cleaning, adhesion mechanisms, specific surface pre-treatments for various materials and applications, including composites and recyclates, as well as new methods for measuring adhesion.

The open panel discussion will focus on the REACH issue with regard to primers and adhesives and provide impetus for the sustainability and cost-effectiveness of plasma processes. It draws on the experiences and tips of all workshop participants.


The complete lecture and discussion program and further information on the event as well as a personal contact can be found at including online registration.

The venue is the newly renovated Volkshaus in Jena, which has been opened as a modern event center.

An evening event and the established regulars' table will be offered in the tried and tested form. On November 13, there will be an opportunity to visit the laboratory at INNOVENT e.V. Technologieentwicklung.

We are looking forward to an interactive and informative workshop with lively and broad discussions on new applications of atmospheric plasmas in adhesive bonding technology and adhesion optimization.



Our tips for longer-term scheduling:

  • Workshop dates 2025 coming soon at incl. online registration. Main topics: Technology combination * Plasma medicine * Mobility
  • Competition #ZukunftADP new call for entries for 2025 with submission deadline 15.01.2025


Do you work with atmospheric plasmas and would like to make an active contribution to one of the next ak-adp workshops? Then please contact us at