User group atmospheric pressure plasma - ak-adp

The user group regularly organizes workshops on specific topics requested by interested parties, provides up-to-date information and helps initiate project plans and disseminate information on innovation projects.

ak-adp stands for the user group atmospheric pressure plasma. The ak-adp is a practical user forum for all ideas concerning the innovative technology of surface processing with atmospheric pressure plasma. Every year we organize 2-3 workshops, where developers, equipment manufacturers and users can enter into a lively professional exchange. The industrial research institution INNOVENT from Jena initiated the user group in 2009 and has since reached more than 1400 interested parties.

Our next event:

46. ak-adp Workshop:

"Shaping the energy transition with atmospheric pressure plasma - Impulses for sustainability and economic efficiency"

April 17 and 18, 2024 in Dresden / Saxony

In recent years, the further development of plasma technologies has driven a wide range of applications in material and particle synthesis, surface functionalization, liquid and gas treatment.

The 46th ak-adp workshop will focus on new applications of plasma technology for environmental and sustainable applications as part of the implementation of relevant climate targets. The presentations and discussions will focus on

  • Waste gas purification and waste water treatment
  • Plasma chemistry
  • Environmentally relevant plasma applications

In these areas, various environmentally relevant applications of atmospheric plasmas have been developed in recent years, some of which have already been implemented industrially. The economic efficiency of plasma processes also plays an important role here.

The complete lecture and discussion program and further information on the event as well as a personal contact can be found at including online registration.

An evening event and the established regulars' table will be offered in the tried and tested form. DAS Environmntal Expert GmbH will also be offering a tour of the company.

We look forward to an interactive and informative classroom workshop!