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Review of the 46th ak-adp: eagerly awaited - closing with a positive conclusion!

Atmospheric plasmas are already making a contribution to the energy transition. That is the conclusion of the 46th ak-adp workshop. In the fields of industrial waste gas purification, plasma chemistry and environmentally relevant plasma applications, there is a broad spectrum of industry-ready processes and many new innovative ideas are being advanced. These topics were brought together for the first time at the 46th workshop of the atmospheric pressure plasma user group "Shaping the energy transition with atmospheric pressure plasma - impetus for sustainability and economic efficiency" on April 17 and 18, 2024.

More than 50 participants from industry and research were able to discuss new and established applications of atmospheric plasmas with potential for novel surface modifications, resource protection and conservation and use as an effective energy source in Dresden. Cold plasmas are very well suited for reactive chemistry.

The ak-adp-talk panel discussion took a closer look at what is needed to make plasma technology more interesting for industry. Sustainability is only of interest to industry in the context of economic efficiency. In contrast to gas, electricity is heavily taxed in Germany. This makes the electrification of industry unaffordable - plasma could be a solution here. The Carbon2Chem project was presented as a positive example of high subsidies for the energy transition with the inclusion of plasmas.

Other highlights of the workshop included a dome ascent to the Frauenkirche, the established regulars' table and the factory tour at DAS Environmental Expert GmbH.

We would like to thank all speakers and discussion partners for their active participation in the workshop.

The workshop was kindly supported by companies such as DAS Environmental Expert GmbH and TRUMPF Hüttinger GmbH & Co. KG and networks such as Plasma Germany and futureSAX.

Outlook: The program of the 47th ak-adp workshop has been announced. Online registration is now open. Take advantage of the early bird discount until 30.08.

FutureADP 2025 competition launched

The 3rd round of the competition for innovative ideas on the use of atmospheric plasmas was officially launched at the DPG Spring Conference. This call is aimed in particular at students and doctoral candidates, but of course also at all creative and committed employees of plasma users.

The competition is endowed with prize money of €2,000 and aims to support the promotion of young talent.

There is also

  • Attractive offers for sponsors
  • Contact opportunities with potential new employees.


Entries can be submitted at any time until 15.01.2025 - the competition will be evaluated at the 48th ak-adp workshop in April 2025.


We look forward to creative, courageous, innovative and pioneering ideas.

A contact form for all questions about the competition can be found at

However, you are also welcome to contact us directly.


Review of the 45th ak-adp on the topic of improving liability

Adhesion optimization is a constantly recurring topic and quality criterion in many branches of industry. Plasmas - energetically excited gases - can help here quickly, cost-effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner. Surface functionalization with atmospheric-pressure plasma by means of ultra-fine cleaning, activation or even nanocoating can replace chemical and vacuum processes or even enable completely new functionalities and material combinations. Atmospheric plasmas are thus an innovative way to achieve greater ecological sustainability, quality assurance and an increase in the economic efficiency of production processes.


Presentations on current issues relating to improving adhesion on various materials for diverse applications through the use of atmospheric plasmas provided the framework for lively constructive discussions, exchange of experience and the initiation of contacts at the 45th ak-adp workshop. Topics on the ideal combination of technologies, environmentally relevant process optimization, plasma as an add-on for the sustainable improvement of typical industrial processes and surface analysis rounded off the lecture program.

Industry representatives, scientists and plant manufacturers from Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Luxembourg met in Bamberg.

One highlight of the workshop was the discussion on artificial intelligence and its potential for plasma surface technology.

A demonstrative, engaging keynote speech with live examples from participants in the #ZukunftADP 2021 competition on the topic of "Atmospheric pressure plasma and AI - a pipe dream or the future?" served as the basis for the controversial and wide-ranging discussion.


An amusing night watchman's tour of Bamberg and the culinary offerings of an original Bamberg smoked beer brewery were the basis for a pleasant and communicative evening for the workshop participants.



The 46th ak-adp workshop on "Shaping the energy transition with atmospheric pressure plasma - impulses for sustainability and economic efficiency" will take place on April 17 and 18, 2024 in Dresden / Saxony in cooperation with Plasma Germany and DAS Environmental Expert GmbH Dresden as well as futureSAX GmbH.

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Review 44th ak-adp / 8th Plasma Medicine Workshop

Plasma medicine is a young, innovative field of research at the interface between physics and life sciences. It has been experiencing an immense international boom for several years. So-called cold atmospheric pressure plasmas are generated with the aid of special plasma devices to achieve therapeutic and preventive effects directly on or in the patient or in the patient environment.

The application of physical plasmas in the medical field promises, for example, the optimization of sterilization methods, the targeted modification of implant surfaces, the minimization of blood loss during surgical procedures, or new methods for combating stubborn hospital pathogens without the use of antibiotics and the associated build-up of immunity. In combination with classical treatment methods, very good successes have been demonstrated in the treatment of chronic wounds. There are also many starting points for the healing-promoting use of cold atmospheric pressure plasmas in cancer research.

An international meeting of experts takes place every 2 years as part of the International Conference on Plasma Medicine (ICPM). In between, national experts from research, medicine and industry meet to exchange experiences. The podium for this is provided by the User Group Atmospheric Pressure Plasma - an open technology platform for atmospheric plasmas and their mainly technical use to date.

60 participants used the workshop in Göttingen for lively discussions on current topics. The presentations focused on topics such as

  • Characterization of plasmas from different plasma sources incl. new developments
  • Plasma activated media and their possible applications
  • Medical-technical and hygiene-relevant plasma applications
  • Applications in dermatology, stomatology and oncology
  • Veterinary applications

in the foreground.

Accompanying the workshop, it was possible to visit the Gesundheitscampus Göttingen, which has been completed in recent years - a modern university for social and nursing professions. The Health Campus was founded to rethink qualifications in the health professions. The aim is to prepare future professionals in these fields for the health care needs of the future. Above all, it is about expanded knowledge and the ability to work together with other professional groups in an interdisciplinary manner.

The basis of plasma medicine lobbying in Germany is the National Center for Plasma Medicine e.V. (NZPM). Leading natural scientists, engineers and physicians, as well as companies, are organized here to pave the way for the scientifically proven positive plasma effects and treatment results in everyday medical practice. The NZPM was founded 10 years ago at a plasma medicine workshop and has been a firm partner in organizing these workshops ever since.

For more information, visit, and


Group photo 8th plasma medicine workshop of the ak-adp in Göttingen


The next International Conference on Plasma Medicine (ICPM-10) is expected to be held in Slovenia in September 2024.

The next Plasma Medicine Workshop of the Atmospheric Pressure Plasma User Group is scheduled for September 2025.

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8th workshop plasma medicine - 44th workshop of ak-adp

From research to ready-to-use therapy

  1. and September 28, 2023 at the life Science Factory Göttingen


Physical plasmas are energetically excited gases. On contact with surfaces, they are characterized by special effects such as ultra-fine cleaning and activation. This effect, as well as the possibility of depositing thin functionalizing coatings, has been used technologically in industry for several decades.

Physical plasmas can also achieve effects on biological surfaces and especially in human medicine by killing microorganisms and stimulating signaling and metabolic processes in cells that can be used therapeutically.

For more than 10 years, intensive work has been carried out on the development and characterization of cold atmospheric pressure plasma sources in order to be able to guarantee safe use in everyday medical practice. In various specialties, plasma treatments can accelerate treatment success, improve treatment results, reduce treatment costs and make treatments more comfortable for the patient. This has been demonstrated and proven in a large number of experimental and clinical studies.

Today, plasma medicine has taken its first step into everyday medical practice. Now, one focus of the work is on the final formal acceptance and creation of billing modalities of sufficiently studied applications, information and training of practicing physicians and an establishment of routine plasma treatments. This is especially true in specialties such as dermatology and dentistry. Plasmas also have great potential in oncology. Here, however, fundamental research work is still pending.


Take advantage of the exchange of experiences with scientists and physicians for further education, inspiration and contact initiation. There are many opportunities for this during the discussion of the lectures, interactive coffee breaks and the evening regulars' table.

The thematic focus of the 8th Plasma Medicine Workshop is on the

  • Characterization of plasmas
  • Use of plasma activated media
  • Dermatology, oncology, microbiological applications
  • Applications in medical technology / Presentation of new plasma sources
  • Presentation of study results.

A guided tour of the Göttingen Health Campus (GCG) rounds off the workshop.

The workshop is also supported in particular by the National Center for Plasma Medicine e.V. (NZPM). As a partner in the organization and implementation of the plasma medicine workshop, it offers the best conditions for further intensive promotion of plasma medicine. The workshop will be followed by the general meeting of the NZPM.

The Medical Association of Lower Saxony has certified the event with 10 category A continuing education points.

Online registration is available at . Reduced registration fees apply for registrations received by 30.06.2023.


We wish you a pleasant journey,

Kerstin Horn on behalf of all organizers

Review 43rd ak-adp workshop with competition #ZukunftADP

Interesting presentations on a wide range of applications of atmospheric plasmas were the focus of the first day of the 43rd workshop at the Grassi Museum in Leipzig.

The focus here was on transferring technological developments to industrial applications. Atmospheric plasmas have already demonstrated their potential many times over as innovative solution approaches for both local and large-area surface treatments. In addition to a wide range of technical applications for surface modification of plastics and metals, textile materials and composites, this now includes applications in agriculture in the pre-harvest process. A presentation on new surface and coating characterization methods for the quality control of a plasma treatment highlighted the optical inspection of ultra-thin SiOx coatings during production. Extensive opportunities for discussion during the presentations and coffee breaks were gladly used and continued at the established regulars' table.

The competition #ZukunftADP(, which was offered by ak-adp 2021 for the first time, was continued in 2023 in search of THE future topics of plasma research and industrial use. The contributions submitted by students and renowned scientists were presented and awarded on the 2nd workshop day - congratulations to the winners. The winner - Mr. Martin Leander Marxen from the CAU in Kiel - can look forward to a financial support of 1000€ for the continuation of his research work relevant for the energy turnaround on "Reduction of N2 andCO2 to higher-value molecules by means of plasma-supported electrocatalysis". Second place in the Future Competition went to an entry from INNOVENT. Oliver Beier, Jun Xu and Jürgen Schmidt presented the use of atmospheric pressure plasmas for the activation and functionalization of surfaces prior to chemical metal deposition with their competition submission "Resource and environmentally friendly methods for the activation of dielectric surfaces for subsequent chemical metallization". Third place was awarded to Madleen Westphal and Tobias Landgraff from TH Lübeck with an entry from the field of additive manufacturing "Atmospheric plasma treated polymer base plates in 3D printing of plastic components". Furthermore, all participants in the competition will be given the opportunity to publish their competition ideas and associated project work as part of an exclusive collaboration with the trade magazine WOMAG. This offer also applies to the 2021 competition participants who, after 2 years, have taken the opportunity to present results of the implementation of their ideas.

Last but not least, the exciting workshop was rounded off by a lecture on data security with a focus on current industrial espionage and computer security - a topic that concerns everyone and can suddenly affect them in everyday life. The workshop also included participation in a special tour of parts of the restoration workshops of the Museum of Applied Art and the Museum of Ethnology. Here, the potential of plasmas as a tool for restoring museum objects was discussed using actual collection pieces. Further collaboration with the restorers is planned.

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The next workshop of ak-adp with focus on plasma medicine on the topic "From research to application-ready therapy" will take place September 27 and 28, 2023 at the Life Science Factory in Göttingen.

Review 42nd ak-adp workshop

The workshop is regularly used as a technology stimulus by participants from industry, business-related research and plasma plant engineering.

The thematic focus of this workshop was on new possibilities for adhesion improvement for specific applications and material combinations. In addition to special cleaning, activation and coating processes as well as analytical issues for the proof of adhesion improvement, new and further developed plasma system technology with special applications were presented and discussed.

The focus of the panel discussion, followed by a broad discussion between all participants and the experts, was on possibilities of surface analytics for an application-dependent optimal proof of the adhesion properties of material combinations. It emerged that, when transferring new developments from research to industry, one focus should be on providing an optimal means of process control and quality assurance. The willingness of companies to innovate can be significantly promoted by an inline quality proof that is safe/unambiguous, fast, non-destructive and cost-effective to handle.

The offer for contact initiation, communication and information exchange was also extensively used within the framework of the established evening event and regulars' table.

Group photo participants 42nd workshop of the user group atmospheric pressure plasma ak-adp

Group photo participants 42nd workshop of the user group atmospheric pressure plasma ak-adp

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The next ak-adp workshop will take place together with the evaluation of the #ZukunftADP competition on April 26 and 27, 2023 at the Grassi Museum in Leipzig.

43rd ak-adp workshop incl. competition #ZukunftADP - registration released

Industry Dialog for Sustainability - Plasma Technology in
Best Practice Examples -
incl. Continuation Competition #ZukunftADP

The user group atmospheric pressure plasma ak-adp as an open technology platform invites users, researchers and equipment manufacturers for the use of physical plasmas to exchange information and ideas with a focus on future potential and sustainability.

What opportunities do physical plasmas offer in the establishment of environmentally compatible production methods? - Which new surface functionalities can be realized? - What contribution do physical plasmas make to the effective use of resources? - Which main fields of application does the industry see?

Since 2009, the user group atmospheric pressure plasma ak-adp has stood for technology-related information exchange, contact initiation and constructive discussion.

The #ZukunftADP competition, first held by ak-adp in 2021, will be continued in 2023 in search of THE future topics in plasma research and industrial use. In their combination, workshop and competition offer a perfect basis for scientific creativity with an industrial background.

The workshop will be held at the Grassi Museum in Leipzig on April 26-27, 2023. Presentation submissions are welcome. Discuss your ideas and conditions in an open atmosphere. Reserve the date and feel free to register.

The competition is aimed at students, doctoral candidates, researchers and representatives of industry in the field of atmospheric plasmas. Ideas that identify atmospheric plasmas as a technology with future potential can be submitted until Jan. 15, 2023. We are looking for ideas, concepts and best practices on atmospheric plasmas in terms of

  • innovative product development
  • Generation of new surface properties
  • creative approaches for overhauling traditional, established processes
  • Environmental protection, resource efficiency & sustainability
  • Energy, material and process savings as well as recycling
  • health aspects

We are looking forward to receiving your contribution as a 3-page abstract with keyfacts, keywords & graphical abstract as well as complete contact details to The contributions will be evaluated by a renowned jury of experts. We have already been able to win WOMAG as an exclusive partner for a publication series on the submitted contributions.

Literature collection on atmospheric plasmas available online

As a special service, the user group atmospheric pressure plasma ak-adp offers a current literature collection on atmospheric plasmas on the website. Here you will find current articles from the years 2022 and 2021 with title, author, country, link and a short summary.

This list is regularly maintained and expanded.

Feel free to take a look:

Literature collection on atmospheric plasmas | ak-adp