Review 44th ak-adp / 8th Plasma Medicine Workshop

Plasma medicine is a young, innovative field of research at the interface between physics and life sciences. It has been experiencing an immense international boom for several years. So-called cold atmospheric pressure plasmas are generated with the aid of special plasma devices to achieve therapeutic and preventive effects directly on or in the patient or in the patient environment.

The application of physical plasmas in the medical field promises, for example, the optimization of sterilization methods, the targeted modification of implant surfaces, the minimization of blood loss during surgical procedures, or new methods for combating stubborn hospital pathogens without the use of antibiotics and the associated build-up of immunity. In combination with classical treatment methods, very good successes have been demonstrated in the treatment of chronic wounds. There are also many starting points for the healing-promoting use of cold atmospheric pressure plasmas in cancer research.

An international meeting of experts takes place every 2 years as part of the International Conference on Plasma Medicine (ICPM). In between, national experts from research, medicine and industry meet to exchange experiences. The podium for this is provided by the User Group Atmospheric Pressure Plasma - an open technology platform for atmospheric plasmas and their mainly technical use to date.

60 participants used the workshop in Göttingen for lively discussions on current topics. The presentations focused on topics such as

  • Characterization of plasmas from different plasma sources incl. new developments
  • Plasma activated media and their possible applications
  • Medical-technical and hygiene-relevant plasma applications
  • Applications in dermatology, stomatology and oncology
  • Veterinary applications

in the foreground.

Accompanying the workshop, it was possible to visit the Gesundheitscampus Göttingen, which has been completed in recent years - a modern university for social and nursing professions. The Health Campus was founded to rethink qualifications in the health professions. The aim is to prepare future professionals in these fields for the health care needs of the future. Above all, it is about expanded knowledge and the ability to work together with other professional groups in an interdisciplinary manner.

The basis of plasma medicine lobbying in Germany is the National Center for Plasma Medicine e.V. (NZPM). Leading natural scientists, engineers and physicians, as well as companies, are organized here to pave the way for the scientifically proven positive plasma effects and treatment results in everyday medical practice. The NZPM was founded 10 years ago at a plasma medicine workshop and has been a firm partner in organizing these workshops ever since.

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Group photo 8th plasma medicine workshop of the ak-adp in Göttingen


The next International Conference on Plasma Medicine (ICPM-10) is expected to be held in Slovenia in September 2024.

The next Plasma Medicine Workshop of the Atmospheric Pressure Plasma User Group is scheduled for September 2025.

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