Review of the 45th ak-adp on the topic of improving liability

Adhesion optimization is a constantly recurring topic and quality criterion in many branches of industry. Plasmas - energetically excited gases - can help here quickly, cost-effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner. Surface functionalization with atmospheric-pressure plasma by means of ultra-fine cleaning, activation or even nanocoating can replace chemical and vacuum processes or even enable completely new functionalities and material combinations. Atmospheric plasmas are thus an innovative way to achieve greater ecological sustainability, quality assurance and an increase in the economic efficiency of production processes.


Presentations on current issues relating to improving adhesion on various materials for diverse applications through the use of atmospheric plasmas provided the framework for lively constructive discussions, exchange of experience and the initiation of contacts at the 45th ak-adp workshop. Topics on the ideal combination of technologies, environmentally relevant process optimization, plasma as an add-on for the sustainable improvement of typical industrial processes and surface analysis rounded off the lecture program.

Industry representatives, scientists and plant manufacturers from Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and Luxembourg met in Bamberg.

One highlight of the workshop was the discussion on artificial intelligence and its potential for plasma surface technology.

A demonstrative, engaging keynote speech with live examples from participants in the #ZukunftADP 2021 competition on the topic of "Atmospheric pressure plasma and AI - a pipe dream or the future?" served as the basis for the controversial and wide-ranging discussion.


An amusing night watchman's tour of Bamberg and the culinary offerings of an original Bamberg smoked beer brewery were the basis for a pleasant and communicative evening for the workshop participants.



The 46th ak-adp workshop on "Shaping the energy transition with atmospheric pressure plasma - impulses for sustainability and economic efficiency" will take place on April 17 and 18, 2024 in Dresden / Saxony in cooperation with Plasma Germany and DAS Environmental Expert GmbH Dresden as well as futureSAX GmbH.

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