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Date preview 2023

The planning of the dates for 2023 has been completed, and the topics and locations have been determined. In 2023, we will travel to Leipzig, Göttingen and Bamberg. We have again selected exciting topics for you and look forward to seeing you at our events.

Registration for the 42nd workshop released

The program for the 42nd ak-adp workshop is ready and registration is open.

The focus of the 42nd ak-adp is on the following key areas:

  • special cleaning, activation and coating processes
  • adhesive-free joining
  • Plasma modification of polymer and stainless steel surfaces
  • Durability of a plasma pretreatment?
  • Cold plasma hardening
  • Presentation of new developments and application examples of the equipment manufacturers

The concluding ak-adp-talk offers further opportunities for information and discussion. What is the easiest and safest way to measure the adhesion properties of a surface with the composite partner?

Under the focus "Surface energy under cross-examination", the provocative question is asked:

Test inks - humbug or fast and inexpensive tool for the practitioner?

For this purpose, we welcome competent employees of the analytical instrument manufacturers KRÜSS GmbH Hamburg and Dataphysics Instruments GmbH Filderstadt. Both companies have many years of experience in building special equipment for measuring surface properties to determine wettability and adhesion. Concrete measurement scenarios will be presented in impulse lectures, which can then be discussed from the perspective of the workshop participants. The measurement technology can be tested during the breaks.

Until 31.08.2022 it is possible to participate in the workshop at discounted rates. More info about the workshop and the registration can be found here.

We look forward to welcoming you to the 42nd ak-adp.

41. ak-adp Small but mighty: face-to-face workshop with option for online participation due to Corona restrictions

Applications of atmospheric plasmas for hygienically sensitive areas were the focus of presentations, discussions and exchange of ideas at the 41st ak-adp workshop in Hannover.

Königsworth Castle provided an inspiring ambience for the scientific and technical working meeting.

What is the potential of atmospheric pressure plasmas for sustainable applications for (waste) air & (waste) water treatment? Where are economically relevant applications in the field of food & packaging with a positive effect on the environment? What role do AD plasmas play in the field of pharmaceuticals & cosmetics?

The workshop gave impulses for new applications of atmospheric plasmas and showed ways to implement them. In particular, the panel discussion with the speakers and other experts and specialists contributed to this - many thanks to all participants!

The next ak-adp workshop will take place on 09 and 10 November 2022 in Naumburg. The main topic will be liability optimization. The lecture program, organizational information and online registration can be found at

41. ak-adp workshop registration Released

The program for the 41st ak-adp workshop is now ready and registration is open. The 41st WS revolves around atmospheric pressure plasma for hygienically sensitive areas.

The main topics are:

  • Classification, design and preparation of hygienically relevant surfaces
  • Indoor air purification
  • Integrated disinfection
  • Surface disinfection
  • Plasma and plasma activated water and food
  • Plasma applications in cosmetics

The concluding ak-adp-talk with the speakers and other experts and specialists from business and research offers the opportunity for broad discussions. An impulse discussion contribution sheds light on the current needs of the packaging industry.

Stimulate new visions of the future with innovative ideas. Set the course for new applications of atmospheric plasmas.

40th ak-adp workshop successfully completed

View into the 40th workshop of the ak-adp"Atmospheric pressure plasma - INNOVATION for surfaces" - this was the focus of the presentations at the 40th workshop of the user group atmospheric pressure plasma ak-adp on 10. and 11.11.2021 in Jena.

Special possibilities of plasma applications for particularly economical and environmentally friendly processes were presented and extensively discussed by the 30 workshop participants who had come despite the Corona situation.

The presentations focused on both a broad spectrum of materials that can be functionalized and very different possibilities of functionalization per se. Examples include, in addition to the established functionalization of plastic surfaces for better bonding and painting, electrolytic plasma polishing, coating of carbon fibers as well as metallization of CFRP components, surface modification and coating of particles, plasma printing and antimicrobial coating of fingerprint scanners. All presentations were discussed openly and broadly with interesting approaches for further work on the topics.

All participants who did not travel were able to follow the workshop hybrid.

Many thanks for the support of the workshop by the Thuringian Cluster Management of LEG Thüringen mbH.

The next ak-adp workshop will take place on 30 and 31 March 2022 in Hannover. The lecture program, organizational information and online registration can be found here.

39th Workshop - Increasing interest of clinics in plasma medicine.

The 7th plasma medicine workshop of ak-adp provided the platform for lively exchange of information between natural scientists and physicians. New detailed results of research work on the mode of action of plasmas in medical applications enable their targeted use in practice. In this context, more and more specialties in hospitals are using atmospheric plasmas in studies and in the successful treatment of patients previously considered to be out of treatment. The 2-day workshop enabled the approx. 50 participants an intensive exchange of knowledge and professional discussion.

The next plasma medicine workshop will be held in September 2023.

39th workshop as a presence event in Magdeburg

Plasma medicine workshop as a face-to-face event in Magdeburg in compliance with the 3G rule:

When registering on site on 22.09.2021, we ask participants to present appropriate proof. If you do not have a current test or vaccination / recovery certificate with you, we also offer you free quick tests to perform yourself on site.

We are looking forward to exciting presentations, insightful discussions and interesting talks.

New location 40th workshop

Since there is only room for about 20 people in the Rosensälen under the current conditions, we have decided to look for another location in Jena. The new location is the Fair Resort in Jena (Ilmnitzer Landstraße 3, 07751 Jena).

Award winner competition #ZukunftADP

We would like to congratulate the winners of the #ZukunftADP competition.

The award winners are:

  1.  Prize:
    Maximilian Gallerani (Ahlbrandt System GmbH).
    Subject: Plasma sterilization in the packaging industry
  2. Prize:
    Prof. Wolfgang Viöl (HAWK Göttingen).
    Efficiency increase in laser material processing by laser-plasma hybrid technology
  3. Prize:
    Alexander Alfred Zyla, student
    Two-phase plasma catalytic reactor for increasing the sterilizing effect of a liquid medium
The winners of the open competition #ZukunftADP

The winners of the open competition #ZukunftADP

Double workshop marathon comes to an end - all participants are enthusiastic

Presentation of 1st place of the open competition #ZukunftADP

Presentation of 1st place of the open competition #ZukunftADP

Today, our "marathon" event consisting of the 37th and 38th workshops came to an end with the 37th workshop. In retrospect, we can justifiably claim that the event was a great success. The participants were enthusiastic throughout and happy to be able to participate in a presence event again. There were many lively discussions among the participants. Especially during the panel discussion at the end of the 38th workshop, lively arguments were exchanged, plans were outlined and new ideas were born.

Another highlight was the presentation of the submitted entries and the award ceremony for the #ZukunftADP competition. Thank you once again for the great contributions. We are excited to see how the presented projects develop in the future.

The technical challenges posed by the hybrid design of the workshop were largely overcome. This also ensured the participation of all registered participants who were unable to travel due to the pandemic situation. The transition between face-to-face and online presentations was seamless.

We are pleased that the event was such a great success. The next workshop of the Atmospheric Pressure Plasma User Group will be held in Magdeburg on September 22 and 23. The topic of the special plasma medicine workshop is: "Physical plasmas and plasma-treated media for clinical practice".

Learn more about the 39th workshop at: