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Technology special of the user group atmospheric pressure plasma (ak-adp)

As part of the activities of ak-adp, a publication on atmospheric plasmas has appeared.

The publication consists of 23 technical papers on plasmas at normal pressure and gives a broad overview of ongoing work. The focus is on fundamentals, analytical methods, technical applications and research activities in current scientific work, industrial applications and medical studies.

Introductory articles deal with the fundamentals of the application of plasmas for the activation and coating of surfaces, the technology of plasma spraying, plasma electrolytic polishing and the simulation of plasma processes.
The articles in the analytics chapter deal both with possibilities of plasma process analysis and process control by means of optical emission spectroscopy and with the characterization of processed surfaces by methods of determining adhesion by means of scratch test and centrifugal force abrasion test.
Technical applications are presented from the fields of adhesion improvement and especially bonding, functionalizing deposition of nano-coatings, corrosion protection and the production of antimicrobial surfaces. They come from additive manufacturing, functionalization of printed circuit boards and textile materials, and medical technology, among others.
A chapter on the current state of research for the application of atmospheric plasmas in human medicine rounds off the technology overview. The focus here is on applications in dermatology, the possibilities of using plasma-activated media and the treatment of wound dressings. The regulations for the approval of plasma sources are also discussed.

The book has the ISBN number 978-3-00-063646-2 and will be distributed to interested parties exclusively on site at our ak-adp events.