46. ak-adp Workshop:

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You can find the flyer for the event here: Program flyer 46th ak-adp workshop

Wednesday, 17.04.2024

from 12:30 Registration and lunch


13:00 Opening of the workshop & greetings

              Kerstin Horn, INNOVENT e.V. Jena


13:15 Keynote speech:
High Power Plasmas enabling the Electrification of industrial Processes

Carsten Winnewisser, TRUMPF Hüttinger GmbH + Co. KG Freiburg


Session 1: Waste gas purification and wastewater treatment


13:45 Hydrogen purification, VOC degradation and methane pyrolysis with atmospheric non-equilibrium plasmas: fundamentals and applications

Peter Awakowicz, Ruhr University Bochum


14:15 DC plasma as an alternative to fossil fuel gases in industrial waste gas purification

Liliana Kotte & Stefan Neuhaus, DAS Environmental Expert GmbH


14:45 Electron beam plasmas for sustainable industrial processes using the example of waste gas purification andCO2 conversion

Lars Dincklage, Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP Dresden


15:15 Coffee break


Session 2: Plasma chemistry


16:00 Microwave plasma as a heat source for industrial processes

Felix Rohrbach, Fricke and Mallah Microwave Technology GmbH Peine


16:30 Microwave plasma source at atmospheric pressure for plasma conversion

Andreas Schulz, Institute of Interfacial Process Engineering and Plasma Technology IGVP at the University of Stuttgart


17:00 100 kW arc-heated plasma sources for methane pyrolysis and plastics pyrolysis

Bernd Glocker, PlasmaAir AG Weil der Stadt


17:30 Industrial decarbonization through state-of-the-art atmospheric plasma

Georgi Trenchev, D-CRBN, Antwerp, Belgium


19:00 Evening event with dome ascent to the Frauenkirche followed by a regulars' table


Thursday, 18.04.2024

Session 3: Environmentally relevant plasma applications


09:00 Plasma technologies for the sustainable use of water

Marcel Schneider, Leibniz-INP Greifswald


09:30 Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient industrial manufacturing processes through inline pre-treatment with Openair-Plasma®

Alexander Knospe, Plasmatreat GmbH Steinhagen


10:00 Plasma polymer coatings based on biogenic precursors

Amelia Lösch-Zhang, TU Darmstadt


10:30 Development of ternary atmospheric pressure plasma coatings with low-friction properties

Dietmar Kopp, JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH Niklasdorf, Austria


11:00 Coffee break


11:45 Plaslon® - the PFAS-free non-stick coating: Hard and resistant

Thorben Brenner, Fraunhofer IFAM Bremen


Session 4: Economic efficiency of plasma processes


12:15 Sustainability of thin-film coating processes

Jochen Brand, Fraunhofer IST Braunschweig


12:45 ak-adp-talk "Atmospheric pressure plasma as a mosaic piece of the energy transition"
Panel discussion with experts and specialists from industry and research


13:45 Concluding lunch


14:30 Company presentation and company tour DAS Environmental Expert GmbH

April 17 - 18, 2024

RAMADA by Wyndham Dresden
Wilhelm-Franke-Straße 90
01219 Dresden


Information on other accommodation options in Dresden can be found at:

Evening program on 17.04.2024
18:00 Cultural program and regulars' table

Dr. Kerstin Horn
INNOVENT e. V. Technologieentwicklung Jena
Pruessingstr. 27 b, 07745 Jena, Germany
Tel.: +49 [0] 36 41 28 25 61, Email: info@ak-adp.de


Participation fee
Incl. participant documents, evening program and catering during breaks, plus VAT.

300.00 Euro for registrations until 31.01.2024.
From 01.02.2024 350.00 Euro will be charged.

Program flyer 46th ak-adp workshop

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