45th ak-adp workshop: Liability problems?! - Not with us!"

Working together for more sustainability, quality and efficiency

15 - 16 November 2023 in Bamberg / Bavaria

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Wednesday, November 15, 2023





Opening of the workshop

Kerstin Horn, INNOVENT e.V. Jena


Peter Grambow, Cluster Nanotechnology of the Nanoinitiative Bayern GmbH Würzburg



Surface cleaning with plasma and CO2 snow blasting processes. Wetting well is not always clean!

Volker Bucher, Furtwangen University


Influence of 3D structures on the pretreatment result: analysis and understanding of the gas flow of plasma jets.

Jörg Ihde, IFAM Bremen


Adhesion improvement of PTFE and Ionoplast polymers by plasma surface modification using DCSBD and a new DCSBD-derived plasma systems.

Richard Krumpolec, CEPLANT / Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic


Roll-to-roll plasma treatment of tubular plastic casings treated from outer side with the effect on both sides

Vlasta Štěpánová, CEPLANT / Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic


Plasma cleaning and activation of flexible glass before coating with PEDOT:PSS

Slavomír Sihelník, CEPLANT / Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic

15:15 Coffee break

Replacement of fluorination in flocking on flexible polymer substrates.

Michael Gladitz / Marcel Schröter / Andreas Pfuch, TITK / smartpolymer GmbH Rudolstadt / INNOVENT e.V. Jena


Experimental investigations to improve the bond adhesion between polycarbonates and VOC-free reactive coatings by inline plasma modification in the 2K reaction injection molding process.

Axel Böhme, KUZ Plastics Center in Leipzig gGmbH


Atmospheric pressure plasma treatment in co-extrusion

Pia Burandt / Reinhard Schiffers, Univ. Duisburg-Essen

18:15 Evening event night watchman tour Bamberg
from 19:30 Regulars' table at the Schlenkerla smoked beer brewery


Thursday, November 16, 2023

09:00 Long-term stable adhesive bonding on metallic surfaces by atmospheric plasma
Magnus Buske, Plasmatreat GmbH Steinhagen

Molecular Plasma - Sustainable surface functionalization for quality-assured bonded joints

Kevin Braun, molecular plasma group, Foetz, Luxembourg


How plasma can provide safety for bonded joints (DIN 2304 = standard for bonding process chain)

Marcus Sauerborn, 3M Germany GmbH Neuss

10:30 a.m. Coffee break
11:15 a.m. Wetting Envelope - a method for estimating adhesion in adhesive systems?
David Herbig, Süddeutsches Kunststoffzentrum SKZ - KFE gGmbH Würzburg

Adhesion optimization through chemical and physical surface treatment using strength determinations (CAT-Technology®)

Uwe Rietz, LUM GmbH Berlin


ak-adp-talk "Measurement + AI for atmospheric pressure plasma technologies = innovative and sustainable production processes for a secure future".
Panel discussion with speakers and other experts and experts from industry and research.

Impulse Discussion Paper:

Atmospheric pressure plasma and artificial intelligence - a pipe dream or the future?

Maik Fröhlich & Mike Espig, West Saxon University of Applied Sciences Zwickau

13:30 concluding lunch


November 15 - 16, 2023

WELCOME Kongresshotel Bamberg
Mußstraße 7
96047 Bamberg

Overnight stay
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Evening program on 15.11.2023
18:00 Cultural program and regulars' table

Dr. Kerstin Horn
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250,00 Euro for registrations until 31.08.2023.
From 01.09.2023 300,00 Euro will be charged.

Program of the 45th ak-adp

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