End of the corona break - 36th ak-adp workshop on 01. and 02.07.2020 in Wittenberg

- Expert meetings with information exchange possible again! -

The venue remains the LEUCOREA as announced. The LEUCOREA's competent staff will ensure that the event space is set up in accordance with the applicable hygiene regulations and clearance rules. The hotels have also reopened. So nothing stands in the way of the 36th ak-adp workshop!

However, there is a small drop of bitterness: we will do without the joint evening regulars' table in consideration of the Corona restrictions. Here, conversations in a small circle with other workshop participants can be planned individually. The guided tour through Wittenberg will take place as planned.

If you have any questions you can always contact us at info@ak-adp.de.

We are looking forward to interesting contacts and discussions and wish you a pleasant journey.