ak-adp workshop on 3 and 4 May in Hamburg

Surface functionalization of rigid and flexible materials

Those who decide at short notice can still register. So far, 50 people from R&D and business have registered for the workshop.

You can expect presentations on:

  • Use of atmospheric plasmas for the treatment of plastics, glass and wood
  • Generation of barrier layers, non-stick layers, antimicrobial layers
  • Plasma applications in medical technology and for sterilization
  • Plasma technologies in the printing industry
  • Two-dimensional and site-selective surface functionalizations
  • Electron beam induced plasmas
  • Presentation of plasma sources and their concrete technological applications
  • Plasma Spraying

As always, we have also organized an evening program! With a red double-decker bus we will take a city tour through Hamburg and afterwards the regulars' table will take place in the restaurant Fischerhaus Hamburg.